Logitech G300s Optische Gaming Mouse

Dominate the gaming arena with the Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse. Featuring nine programmable buttons, onboard memory for saving profiles, and customizable lighting, this mouse provides a personalized and immersive gaming experience for enthusiasts.


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Logitech G300s Optische Gaming-Mouse

  • Nine programmable controls: Move keyboard commands to buttons that are in easy reach. You can stop clicking on screen buttons and have the wired Logitech gaming mouse work for you, so you'll play more proficiently
  • Onboard memory allows you to store up to three game or player profiles on the mouse. You can move it between computers without having to reconfigure it every time you do, and user configurable lighting colours let you easily see which profile you're using.
  • Easy to use: You don't need to be a genius to program this RGB mouse. With the easy to use Logitech configuration software, you can just drag and drop commands to where you want them. Automatic game detection knows what game you're playing so you can have custom configurations for every game
  • The sculpted, symmetrical shape is equally comfortable in either hand (and the G300s is also great for people who don't want a large mouse.) So, you can play longer before you get tired.
  • A gaming grade optical sensor accurately tracks slow or fast movements on a wide variety of surfaces. So you get consistent response to your hand movements..Ambidextrous Design: Versatile design in a compact shape, this mouse is built for comfort and durability. The balanced shape works for both right and left handed use.World's NO.1 Best Selling Gaming Gear Brand Based on independent aggregated sales data (FEB 19 FEB'20) of Gaming Keyboard, Mice, and PC Headset in units

Logitech G300s Optische Gaming Mouse

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The G300s is great for FPS games. The stiff cable may be an annoyance for some, especially for those playing at a very low CPI, which requires bigger hand movements. If you have a big hand and a palm grip, there's a chance of accidentally hitting the top buttons, especially during fast-paced moments in the game. Other than that, the click latency is great and shouldn't be noticeable, even for experienced gamers.